Welcome to 50k Shoes!

This site was built as a way for shoe lovers (and fashion lovers!) to keep tabs on all the latest trends and happenings in the wide world of women's shoes and fashion. There's just so much out there that it can be overwhelming at times, so I wanted to make a site which acts as a "hub" to the online shoe blogging and fashion world. I've assembled a site that has links to all of my favorite shoe blogs, fashion blogs, handbag blogs & beauty blogs out there and is updated on a regular basis.

I'm going to break down my feeds into categories to make things a bit easier for you guys and to organize things a bit better. Click on any of the links below to see the latest posts from my favorite blogs in those categories:

Social Media Love

I know I am probably also not alone in saying this, but in addition to all the amazing fashion and shoe bloggers out there, there are also some really awesome social media accounts to follow. So before we get to the blog posts, I have to give a shout out to some of my "must follow" social media accounts.


The world of Pinterest in particular was hand made for fashion lovers and one could easily get lost it for days on end. I'll give you guys a couple of my all time favorite Pinterest pages to follow... The first one is going to be JustFab who have a great variety of pins in different categories. It's not all fashion either... They have funny stuff, for the home, DIY and even have some fun scavenger hunts and contests. (I actually won one of these once, so I am a bit biased!)

Another must follow Pinterest page is HonestlyWTF. Honestly (pun intended) there is a reason this board has over 6 million followers... It rocks! It's ran by Lauren Kolodny and Erica Chan Coffman. They too have a variety of great fashion boards with a mixture of other fun boards in between. You gotta check these guys out!


Tumblr is also home to some awesome fashion/shoe related blogs to follow. My absolute favorite from Tumblr is without a doubt Glamour. Yeah, I realize they aren't exactly hip but it really is a great Tumblr page to follow for pretty much any style you might like. I've got quite a few awesome ideas for looks thanks to this Tumblog, so give it follow if you haven't already.


And finally, we've got the (not so) new kid on the blog, Instagram. Another pretty cool social network for fashion lovers. My favorite one to follow and that I check multiple times a day is The Coveteur. Not only is the fashion good, but these guys have some pretty funny posts to boot which makes following them even more entertaining. Definitely check them out if you haven't already!