Handbags & Purses

I’m sure I’m just like most girls out there who love shoes when I say that I also have a  pretty big obsession with handbags. The two just go together! I find myself losing hours every day browsing around the internet for that perfect shoe and handbag combo. I’ve found lots of great ideas and cool handbags I never would have found out about before from some of the sites you see below. The feeds will update as the sites update so feel free to keep checking back to see if anything interests you. I will note that a couple of these sites feature more expensive bags and some also feature less expensive bags, so there is a little something for everyone.

Now, as I’ve done on other pages you can see the blogs below and I want to give you a couple of recommendations for sites that I use to shop for cheap (but quality) handbags and purses. I will say that in addition to their shoes, I also like JustFab for their purses because of the cheap prices. But if I had to only pick one place to shop for handbags, it would have to be eBags… These guys are the bomb!

Enjoy and happy handbag hunting!

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